Teacher Bios

Anita Romero.        

Anita began practicing yoga in 2006. Regular practice became a path that led her to discover things she hadn’t known about her body, mind, and spirit. The ensuing transformation has supported Anita to live a more authentic and joyful life.

Her many years in pediatric nursing complement her yoga practice as well as her approach to teaching. Her commitment to wellness and health inspired her to share this life-changing practice with others. Anita believes that everyone can benefit from and should have access to yoga. She has offered yoga classes at community centers, to women in homeless shelters, and yoga studios.

She hopes to motivate and guide every student–from beginner to advanced–to build confidence, deepen awareness, and increase physical strength and flexibility through healthy alignment-based asana sequences with a strong focus on breath work. She creates classes that are intended to feel joyful, supportive and inspiring while encouraging students to question their limitations and explore the boundaries of their comfort zones.

Anita is grateful for her teacher, Beth Filla E-RYT and Yogawood for an amazing 200-hour teacher training, which she completed in April 2012.

Melissa Bandock

When a friend asked Melissa to go on a yoga retreat to Cost Rica in 2011, she had never practiced before but was intrigued with the journey and decided to go. What a life changer!!! Practicing in the rainforest next to toucan’s, hummingbirds, and hearing hollering monkeys was a life changing experience. In 2013, Melissa expanded on that journey and became a RYT-200 yoga instructor. Keeping the mind and body healthy and active is something Melissa feels is important for her students. Expect an energetic, fun, flowing vinyasa class while focusing on breathwork.

Danielle Burnham

Danielle_Burnham_Yoga_techer_photoDanielle Burnham, MA, ATR-BC, RYT, took her first yoga pose in her living room in 2001. Having received a prenatal yoga DVD as a gift, she thought it would help her stay flexible as her body was transformed by her pregnancy. Yoga did that & so much more. She felt an openness & ease in her body & mind that was completely new to her. It gave her a unique connection to others, the world & herself. This was something she wanted to maintain. Over the years, Danielle continued to explore & practice different styles of yoga-Kundalini, Hotha, Vinyasa & Yin. Her desire to learn more & be able to offer this practice guided her to Yogawood’s 200 hour YTT program, taught by teacher/owner, Beth Filla. In 2013, Danielle received her RYT & has had the joy to teach ever since. Her consistent yoga practice compliments her active lifestyle. As working mom & longtime cyclist, yoga provides her with the physical, mental & spiritual balance & expression she needs to feel & be her best self. Danielle is an activist for wellness. Having worked as an art therapist in the field of mental health for over 18 years, she has been integrating the use of creative expression, yoga & meditation in psychiatric settings. It’s her passion to encourage & support people on the journey towards well being. In her classes, you will have the opportunity for self exploration & reflection through yogic readings, creative asana flows, breath work & meditation.

Lynn_Horan_Yoga_techer_photoLynn Horan

Lynn is YogaTree’s owner and a Kripalu-trained yoga teacher. Her own practice began more than 20 years ago. In 2009, Lynn fulfilled a long time dream attending 200 hour immersion teacher training at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. Initially studying to deepen her own practice, after the training, Lynn felt drawn to teaching so she can share the joy yoga brings to her.
In her classes, Lynn provides a welcoming, comfortable environment for students to enjoy both the fun and the power of a consistent yoga practice. She provides options so each person can discover the balance of challenge and ease in their practice; helping them foster a deeper connection to the wealth of strength, peace and bliss within.
Lynn is deeply grateful for the guidance of her teachers, Devarshi and Sudah, her fellow students at Kripalu, her dedicated friends and family, Yogawood’s role in developing yoga roots in Riverton, and last but not least, the amazing YogaTree community.

Maria Lodge

Maria Lodge, PT, RYT has always been interested in wellness & exercise. In her 30 years as a Physical Therapist she has studied body structure, breath & movement. She began practicing yoga at a gym over 10 years ago. At that time she enjoyed the physical practice & the stretching that yoga provided to compliment more aggressive exercise. In 2012 after her father died of a prolonged illness she joined a yoga studio to get in shape & realized that yoga is so much more than a physical practice. The vigorous physical practice, along with breath work & medication allowed for peace in body, mind & spirit. She began using yoga as a modality in her Physical Therapy practice & saw how it benefited her patients in many ways. She is most thankful to have been able to attend Yoga Teacher Training at Vida Asana Yoga School in Costa Rica in the summer of 2017 & thanks her teachers, Alejandra Torres & Rosemarie Gonzales Gainza. Maria is proud to be a Resisted Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. She is very thankful to Lynn Horan the owner of YogaTree for her support, guidance & for asking her to join their teaching staff. She strives to offer approachable, safe & fun classes to students of all levels. She enjoys swimming, traveling & practicing yoga with her husband, sons & their families!

Tracy_Phoenix_Yoga_teacher_photoTracy Phoenix

Tracy found yoga through a life-long love and expression with a career in dance and movement. Vinyasa, Hatha and Bikram Yoga not only complimented her performance but prevented injury. Vinyasa flow felt like home as it has a dance-like sensibility, which is the reason she gravitated toward that being her foundational practice. Every one of her classes is unique. The classes develop organically; depending on the students’ needs, experience level, and overall energy of the group. The students will feel the importance of integrating the spiritual and philosophical teachings of yoga while mindfully synchronizing breath and movement. She encourages her students to work towards their ‘edge’ on the yoga mat, which motivates them to work towards their goals off the yoga mat. She prides herself on making her classes accessible for everyone. She offers a slow and deep practice for beginners, yet challenging to even the most seasoned practitioners. Tracy uses inspiring music to help move the practice through a seamless, graceful flow. She is constantly learning and absorbing yogic life through the eyes of other. She is grateful for all the workshops, nationally recognized teachers, students and self-practice allowing her the opportunity to create a life on and off the mat for herself. Her teacher training certification from Wake Up Yoga of Philadelphia influenced her attention to proper alignment and truly honoring your own body, mind and spirit as one. Yoga had the power to transform Tracy’s life and beliefs and sharing yoga has become one of her greatest joys. Expect to leave her class feeling stronger, more flexible, balanced and most importantly, uplifted! Come tend to your soul.

Stavroula Grivas

Stavroula “Toula” Grivas is a certified yoga teacher since 2010 and a graduate of the Dhyana YTT in Philadelphia. She teaches Vinyasa, Restorative, Yin and Mindfulness Meditation classes. Her own practice has been a journey to healing her body and heart. Toula believes yoga and meditation have saved her life.

Toula is a passionate and informative teacher who emphasizes alignment awareness and safety while adding fun and flair to her classes. She aims to lead her students to a better understanding of their practice and the power they inherently hold to heal and strengthen not only their bodies, but their minds and spirits too.

Toula is a mom, runner, foodie, traveler, and lover of all things yoga.

Michelle Higgins

Yoga found Michelle by chance in 2011 through classes at her local gym in Chicago. Seeking improved flexibility, she started taking gentle classes each week. It wasn’t long before she observed changes beyond the physical, which she attributed to this sustained, mindful practice. Thankful for instruction which allowed her entry and supported growth, she now strives to make yoga practice accessible to all students at any point in their development.
By using smooth flow with structural integration, Michelle strives to provide space for transformation and growth in her gentle and advanced Vinyasa classes. She began her studies at YogaNow in Chicago, taking gentle, vinyasa, Forrest, and bhakti classes. She is thrilled to have received her Yoga Alliance 200-hour certification from Yogawood under the tutelage of Beth Filla and Maiga Milbourne, and a certificate with Unite for Her, through which she offers private instruction to women recovering from breast cancer. She designed a new series, Yoga for the Performing Artist, which debuted at the Rowan University in the fall of 2016. Michelle is also a musician and former educator working in Philadelphia’s nonprofit cultural sector.