Practice for the Pink Fundraiser, May 3rd through May 5th,

Practice for the Pink

YogaTree will be fundraising for Living Beyond Breast Cancer in May.

All Classes Friday, May 3rd through Sunday, May 5th are Practice for the Pink, all class payments will be donated to Living Beyond Breast Cancer. Further donations gratefully accepted.

A basket will be available that week for additional donations. Look forward to practicing with you that weekend and supporting great cause! If you are new to YogaTree and plan to attend, please email us so we can save a spot.

Introducing the Living Beyond Breast Cancer organization:

We provide programs and services to help people whose lives have been impacted by breast cancer. Our goal is to provide information, community and support that you can trust, is easy for you to access and respectful of you and your situation. All our resources are carefully and frequently reviewed by some of the country’s leading healthcare experts and informed by people living with breast cancer.