• Will I be comfortable at YogaTree?
YogaTree welcomes, includes and invites all people to practice here. Our community is diverse, welcoming all ages, genders, abilities, body shapes and sizes. We are committed to mutual respect and acceptance of others without bias of any kind.
We acknowledge and honor the fundamental values and dignity of all individuals.
 We pledge to create and maintain an environment that respects diverse traditions, backgrounds, abilities and experiences.
  • What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothing, that is easy to move in but not so loose youʼll have to

constantly tuck and adjust. Yoga is best practiced in bare feet so no worries about

footwear. You may want to avoid wearing perfume or strongly scented lotion as some of

your fellow students may be sensitive to fragrances.

  • What should I bring?

Bring yourself and a willingness to learn. Youʼre welcome to bring a mat or use one of

the studio mats. Props like blocks, straps, blankets are provided. You may want to bring

water and a small towel.

  • Any information about attending a yoga studio for the first time?

If you are attending for the first time, try to get here 10 minutes before class to fill out a

new student form and get settled. It is a good idea not to come with a full stomach, allow

2-3 hours after a full meal or have a light snack if you are closer to class time. There are

a few etiquette guides common to yoga studios. As you enter, you will remove your

shoes to keep the floors clean and in respect for your practice space. Turn off phones,

pagers, etc., before practice. You may enter if you are less than 10 minutes late, just

enter quietly and join the class in progress.

  • I’m not flexible—can I do yoga?

Yes! You are a great prospect for yoga. You may receive the biggest benefits beginning

a practice that helps you become more agile. In addition youʼll receive all the other

benefits of strength, coordination, improved cardiovascular health and the overall vitality

and well-being that comes from practicing yoga.

  • What if I have concerns about practicing?

Arrive a few minutes early if you have an injury or something youʼd like the teacher to be

aware of before your class. You may also email us at info@yogatreeriverton.com or give

us a call to ask questions or discuss any concerns the day before you attend class.

  • How do I schedule private or semiprivate classes?

Contact us or speak to your teacher to schedule a private lesson. If you have a team,

club, or a few friends that would like to take a class together, contact us, weʼd love to set

up a semiprivate series for you.

  • Donʼt see your question here?

Donʼt let that stop you! Email the studio at info@yogatreeriverton.com weʼd love to hear

from you!