Class Descriptions

begin_basics_yoga_class_200px_bBegin with the Basics

This class is perfect for first-time yoga practitioner, those re-entering their practice or the more experienced student wishing to refine alignment.

all_levels_yoga_200pxAll Levels Yoga

This class includes a wide variety of poses and options that allow you to choose the level of physical intensity right for your body. Classes include breathwork, postures, meditation and relaxation. Feel renewed and relaxed.

Gentle_yoga200x200bGentle Yoga

Stretches and postures are paced to allow controlled movement with time to look inward and feel the benefits of each pose. Emphasis is placed on de-stressing the body and mind to help the student find a deep calm. All levels welcome.

 Restorative Yoga

This class is designed for deep relaxation. It involves gentle yoga stretches to open joints and stretch muscles, as well as restoratiyogatree_buddah_200x200ve poses, using props (we love props!) to support the body allowing deep release and restoring natural alignment. Available to practitioners of all levels and a great balance to an active practice.

vinyasa_flow_200x200bVinyasa Flow

Emphasizes awareness and focus on the breath while moving through a series of postures. A physically challenging and active class that includes variations in Sun Salutations, standing sequences, balancing poses, inversions and seated poses. It will leave you feeling strong and energized.

Happy Hour Yoga!

happy_hour_yoga_200pxYoga, music, happiness, Vinyasa-ish with a little restorative in the mix toward the end. Start your weekend even happier!(Once a month we add an hour of refreshments and time to chat together! Dates are on monthly schedule and Events page, Double your happiness!!

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a practice of relaxing & releasing. This style of yoga focuses on opening the connective tissue throughout the body. Poses are generally done from seated or reclining positions & are held for longer amounts of time, allowing the tissue to open. Yin is also a great practice in quieting the mind as the body molds in a state of stillness.

Relax and Restore

Relax into your evening by joining breath with gentle movements to quiet your mind and prepare your body to melt into stress relieving restorative yoga postures. Participants of all levels will benefit from this practice and may choose to enhance relaxation with essential oils and Reiki. You will leave this class relaxed and restored.

Aroma Flow Yoga

Enjoy a yoga practice enhanced by essential oils. This vinyasa flow yoga class offers various essential oils chosen to deepen your practice. Aromatherapy and yoga, a delicious way to enjoy your Monday evening. Essential oils are optional which allows students to empower themselves with choices.

Yoga Sculpt          

Offered every other Saturday at 8am. Emphasizes awareness and focus on strengthening, option to use light weights during practice.  A challenging and active class that includes a yoga practice, weights and some kick it core work too. It will leave you feeling strong and energized.